UI/UX Designer

Design Ethos

Design Ethos


I believe that design is only a subset of something bigger, and when combined with other fields such as science and technology, design has the power to impact society. 

I seek to create meaningful experiences through design, one project at a time.


Here is my design approach based on learnings from past projects.

  1. Empathise with both the user and the client

    Understand both user behaviour and business needs before crafting design solutions.

  2. Balance form and function

    Find the middle ground without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

  3. Design responsively and responsibly

    Design for various breakpoints and always check for tech feasibility.

  4. Delight in details

    Add delight through interactions, microcopy, empty states, error handling etc.

  5. Iterate and improve

    Revise designs after testing because there is always room for improvement!


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